adblock-bannedWe’ve detected that you are using AdBlock Plus ore some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. This site, like all, have operating expenses.

Blocking ads is a form of extortion on par with ransomware. Extortion is a crime and Interpol does investigate.

We don’t have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, pop-ups and pop-unders. We do not implement these annoying types of ads! We also do not use dozens of ads for 3 lines of content. We also do not use click here to download etc. The ads here are low bandwidth and are smaller than the posts here.

Adblock programs also have varying levels of tracking code in them. So in effect tracking is swapped from a known conventional commercial source to an unknown one with an unclear agenda. 

We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. Many sites have closed due to blocking ads, leading to an arms race of sorts which has led to more and more abuses generally. Original content does not come for free.

GameSpy, which closed on Feb 21, 2013, used to be a large media portal and multiplayer game host. When they closed hundreds of games lost their multiplayer capability.

Geocities closed on October 26, 2009 thanks to ad blocking. They used to be a popular free web host for a large number of users. Now its long gone for good.That is what adblokers have done.

Use of mobile and desktop ad blocking software designed to remove traditional advertising grew by 41% worldwide and by 48% in the U.S. between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015.

Subscribing would help us considerably. $5 a month can provide a lot of coffee. Peanuts are low cost food and adequate. Popcorn works too.

Adblockers are seriously disrupting the advertising industry.  A recent report from PageFair and Adobe said that the growth of adblockers would cost the industry a staggering $22bn for 2015 alone. Adblocking is killing jobs galore.


Paper magazines have long had advertisements. Why should a web site which is a digital equivalent be any different?

Some sites are now using video embedded into content. 10 seconds of content and 60 seconds of ads  A waste of bandwidth. The type of ads we use are intentionally fast, page load times matter. This is driven by ad blocking, which has lead to all kinds of abuses. Some video ads come from slow servers forcing readers to wait and wait. That does not retain users, and page load times suffer because of it.

This page exists to explain that ad blocking is technically an economic crime. Considering this site depends on advertising to pay the bills this page was created to bring this issue to the attention of users.

Click fraud is another growing problem that made it far more difficult for content creators as well, At the end of the day the web site operators get screwed with unjustified allegations.  We suspect click fraud was perpetrated by competitive businesses.Today we do not even get CPM for ads.


In Germany where the courts have repeatedly ruled that ad blocking is legal. Then the German courts ruled taking money to whitelist was illegal. Extortion is a crime.