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WordPress 5 has been released and so far no serious issues. The classic editor is updated after WP5 is installed. Some sites threw a HTTP 500 error but when refreshed they showed WP5 was installed.  


We are well recognized as expert developers but over at they seem to want to pay well below the minimum wage. Here in Canada we have a higher cost basis compared to outside the western world. has actually dumped our account. Their loss. Many jobs offer only $250 for work that can take …

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This site, like most, use countermeasures to ensure that advertisements are displayed. This is an ad supported web site. PHP runs on the server so the adblock plug-in cannot find it. The blockers have no chance. By checking to see if a given advertisement container is modified, then a blocker is detected. The modification is …

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Ordinarily when a web site URL changes HTTP 301 permanent redirect is used tell a search engine where to look, HTTP 404 errors can be categorically sent to the home page. There is a full search capability with any SQL driven system and WordPress supports it with all themes. Given some URL errors we estimate …

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Cobol is still used with many legacy shops. The system is standardized around the 80×25 character terminal which is typical for 1970s period systems, The database is usually DB2. IBM has moved DB2 to the cloud so it’s possible to leverage existing databases directly. Conversion from database vendors can be done as well. SQL is …

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This site has numerous records in the database. Some of the articles contain embedded spreadsheet images such as pie graphs or line charts. We have dozens of posts with embedded dynamic images. All of the game benchmarks are Excel spreadsheets. We use OneDrive which allows us to embed worksheets and graphics. For some reason Microsoft …

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Most websites are funded with advertisements. Income is needed to feed the author etc. For many years some sites used paid for click ads. These are no longer widely used. We have used Amazon for a long time who are a commissioned ad. We only earn if somebody actually buys. CPM ads have slowly recovered but valuations …

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Linux server is fairly arcane which is why we established this site. The server variant is a command line based platform. We use Azure so we use Putty to connect to our servers. Among the skills developed with LInux server is the BASH shell language. Generally its a text file with assorted commands. It’s possible …

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Once of the things Ballmer mentioned back when we called Linux a cancer was the idea of software rental. It took 15 years before this idea really became better received by the market. This has been seen with Adobe who now asks for subscriptions for their software. Microsoft has now been selling subscriptions for Office 365. …

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One of the challenges in the digital era is coping with the EB of data that are flooding servers almost daily. NASA had one of the biggest headaches. NASA historically used magnetic tape in vast amounts. Sadly many of the racks of tapes were damaged and could not be read. One report we saw spoke …

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