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It took several years but researchers have finally beat SHA-1 and found it is easily possible to have 2 different documents with the game hash value. SHA-1 was officially deprecated by NIST in 2011 SHA-1 is widely used with HTTPS certificates in addition to many other applications. SHA-1 is also widely used for file integrity. Consider …

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While not part of the standard yet, the widespread use of #pragma once is likely to find more support down the road. The big advantage is the simplicity for novice developers, no worrying about problems. The old #ifndef approach has a disadvantage of cluttering the global namespace as well. We recommend for new code that #pragma …

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Occasionally a new developer may need to work in an existing object oriented program. Generally most developers use more traditional block structured programming techniques so inheritance is sparingly used. There have been cases where inheritance has been used very heavily which makes it difficult to follow. class a : public b { /* … */ …

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