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For some reason or another WordPress may show an error connecting to the database. The fastest way fix the problem is to simply delete the wp-config.php. Then load the site and it will first ask for your language like a fresh install, select your language. Now with the database credentials fill in the required values …

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WordPress has a backup capability. This makes it possible to save the database to an XML file in case the database server fails. The export and import are located in the Tools. The backup will be automatically downloaded as a dated file so its possible to have multiple backups without worry. The file is not …

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Version 4.6 of WordPress, named “Pepper” in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.6 help you to focus on the important things while feeling more at home. Several bugs were corrected and it also fixed some administration problems …

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We are currently using Amazon native ads which are JavaScript based. JS can make it easier to customize advertisements in many ways.  By default Native ads will use 2 rows like tho ones seen on this site. CHOICES The native ads have 3 basic classes: recommended, search and custom. Most can make do with the …

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Lots of smaller web sites have been moved around a lot on the internet. The Internet Archive project has its hands full with broken links and missing content delivery servers etc. It’s not a bad idea to save all images to a backup DVD disk so that if the CDN images disappear (it has happened …

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Not many users on the site use MSFT Edge. This is due mostly to it being shipped with Windows 10. Edge is a new browser designed to replace Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is still included with Windows 10 for legacy purposes. We have tested the site with Edge and it did not take long at …

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Today there are several open source packages available to web developers who are looking to find a platform for their own use for for developing  presence for a client. All are PHP based and are configured for further development. They all also use MySQL as the database. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP make up the …

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PHP 5.6.24

PHP 5.6.24 as released July 21, 2016. Lots of security updates.   This site uses WordPress which depends in PHP 5.6 for its back end code  


Project Nami is a fork of WordPress which is deigned to work with Microsoft’s SQL server in place of MySQL. The idea was to make it easier to use Azure which does not have a native MySQL server like 99% of other web hosts. Generally Nami is identical to WordPress with only the database connection …

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Occasionally a new developer may need to work in an existing object oriented program. Generally most developers use more traditional block structured programming techniques so inheritance is sparingly used. There have been cases where inheritance has been used very heavily which makes it difficult to follow. class a : public b { /* … */ …

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