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Web servers today are a real mixed bag as prices for services have come down so much. To run a successful server swarm needs some resources. Blade servers are the most common hardware available. Most individual machines can be equipped with at least 128GB of memory. With dual sockets and modern 8 core 16 core …

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OPENSSL 1.1.0.b

Another vulnerability has been discovered and patched for OpenSSL For LAMP users there is also a new version of MySQL available, it updated our server without problem sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade reboot your server to be sure the stack is clean sudo reboot  


Ubuntu LTS is supported for 5 years. This means that occasionally a new server has to be created and the database copied. It will take some time depending on several factors. mysqldump -u root -p –opt [database name] > [database name].sql The dump SQL file can then be copied to the new machine (disk). Then …

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Azure does not have a branded MySQL so we had to setup a Linux virtual machine. Azure bought ClearDB but they are unsuitable. We are using Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and the comments here are tested with that version of Linux. Other distributions may differ slightly. Ubuntu supports LTS releases for 5 years which cuts …

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION A basic Azure Linux virtual machine can be used for a smaller database. As the tables grow there are some options, with low traffic and a large table extra storage is lower cost than a larger virtual  machine. First some tools are needed. sudo apt install mysql-utilities Now its possible to determine how …

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MySQL has been the default open source database for many years. Its part of the LAMP stack which is the most popular role for Linux web server appliances. Microsoft has changed the database availability in 2016 so that even the F1 service (free) can now have a small 20MB database so that WordPress users like …

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