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Almost everyone has had disk errors at one time or another. There are the file system errors but this page is concerned with mechanical failures of hard disks. We purchase hard disks frequently primarily to take advantage of capacity increases. The photo is the ST-506 5MB hard disk ($1,500) that was the less expensive of …

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Linux is more popular choice for network attached storage (NAS). The operating system is free and there are now distributions that are turnkey for rapid deployment. Consumer NAS units range from 2 to 4 disks. Corporate servers now use 60 disk chassis that have 4 rows stacked inside a standard 4U chassis, FREENAS FreeNAS is based …

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Back at the dawn of computers in the early 1950s there has been a need for a backup. IBM came up with their 7 track 1/2 inch in 1952. The image shows the IBM 705 tape system with several drives along the wall. Over time the mainframe system used a range of tape products. The …

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