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The HighPoint SSD7101A is a PCI Express 3.0 x16 card with four M.2 slots on the card. Using the recent Samsung 2TB M.2 SSD cards, it’s possible to install four of them for a RAID0 array of 8TB. Such an array can achieve 16GB/s with fast enough SSD drives. The card routes each M.2 slot …

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Solid State Drives have been around for a long time. NASA uses flash storage for spacecraft as it can tolerate the radiation and vibration that would trash a hard disk. The first generation of SSD for computers used a single cell per bit. Lower cost multiple cell devices expanded the market. Most recently large scale …

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Solid State NAND based flash drives surfaced in 1991 when Sandisk introduced a 20MB product for $1000. Since that early drive, prices have fallen considerably. NAND based SSD products have come in a rage of form factors however the focus of this study will be with SATA drives. Eventually we may add second section for …

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In the early days of hard disks, manufacturers placed bad sector tables on the labels of the disks. This was done so that manual marking of bad sectors could be done. The image shows an old MFM  hard disk with its defect table. This was typical of early hard disks. MS-DOS formats disks completely and …

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