Cobol is still used with many legacy shops. The system is standardized around the 80×25 character terminal which is typical for 1970s period systems, The database is usually DB2.

IBM has moved DB2 to the cloud so it’s possible to leverage existing databases directly. Conversion from database vendors can be done as well. SQL is comparatively standardized so its not hard to dump a database.

PHP runs on the server and JavaScript runs with a browser so this architecture is more sophisticated than the old IBM 3270 terminal. Still it’s possible to copy every screen from Cobol terminals and convert them into HTML forms. The HTTP POST can handle the ACCEPT command easily.

While projects like this are easily understood there is a lot of work needed when there is a large number of screens to be duplicated. HTML can make a perfect copy of any Cobol screen including any text or numeric data that may be required. JavaScript can be used to check input data before sending it to the server.

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