This site has numerous records in the database. Some of the articles contain embedded spreadsheet images such as pie graphs or line charts. We have dozens of posts with embedded dynamic images. All of the game benchmarks are Excel spreadsheets. We use OneDrive which allows us to embed worksheets and graphics.

For some reason Microsoft illegally intercepted the host WordPress article and redirected it to some license page on before being dumped on the embedded object sans the original page. So much for WordPress as a content management system.

For some reason that defies any rational basis why they would do this?? There are other ways to update the notification rather than trash a web site. What is happening is that ALL USERS are being subjected to this nonsense,


This is a whole new angle we need to consider to deal with framing and illegal copyright infringement. Our experience with al blockers is one thing. This site uses anti framebusting code too which goes to intent. It appears as though Microsoft tampered with the headers to inject the intercept which can only be done on the server.. This is called domain hijacking or DNS hijacking. In effect, Microsoft jailed the site like some malware..


So we have illegal surveillance, and tampering. Then there is fraud by blocking ads. Again.

We are a Linux self help site, not the Pirate Bay. This smacks of the NSA and their antics — this is right up there with their Stingray phony cell towers.,

Microsoft could have simply sent us an email message. Instead they did this. So the complaint will be LOUD.


screenshot of the illegal intercept by MSFT

Where is the site header, where are the ads, where is the copyright banner? Where are the menus or the sidebars?

Microsoft broke out of the embedded window that was supposed to be an Excel chart.



window.onbeforeunload = function() {
 return "Are you sure you want to navigate away?";

Your IP Address is: <!–?php echo $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; ?–> is a way on the server to check the session which is how we identified the redirect.

does not even get activated so they are literally hijacking the site on Azure. We use many triggers on the site for content management purposes. This code is also used with ads to measure impact.

Clearly they injected this intercept. This is a serious security breach.


We sought help on the Ubuntu forum, they simply deleted it. Nobody else did that., Guess we are left to our own resources to fix this nightmare.
Screen shot of deleted request for assistance

The Ubuntu forum has now lost a very experienced expert. We will not return.


Clearly this was a very sophisticated hack. WordPress is open source along with the database so many questions need answers.

We reinstalled WordPress to be sure no components were damaged and that the site would be in a consistent state.


We found a simple WP plugin that stores the chart data in the database and it can make pie charts and bar charts which all we need. It can edit charts too so adding a new video card to a benchmark is easy.