We are well recognized as expert developers but over at Guru.com they seem to want to pay well below the minimum wage. Here in Canada we have a higher cost basis compared to outside the western world. Guru.com has actually dumped our account. Their loss.

Many jobs offer only $250 for work that can take a week or more to do. We cannot afford such low pay so we pass them over seeking better paid ones.

Here on this site we focus mostly on development articles for open source. We have much experience with C and C++ which is commonly used for console applications. GUI applications are fragmented badly so we have largely avoided that type of development. We have developed some GUI programs for Windows but  that is very demanding and projects can take several man years to  achieve a significant package.

Today we work with PHP and JavaScript within WordPress which powers this site. Given the open source nature, we often attempt to identify the cause of problems within the app editor. Unfortunately it’s often not apparent what is the cause of the fault.

One plug-in handles age restrictions for content, which resets with every update for an unrelated plugin. We contacted the developer who is aware of the issue from another site. At least now there is more than one set of eyeballs on the code.

WordPress is vast with thousands of themes and over 55,000 plugins. For the most part it works but problems are available with a large project like WordPress. Fixing errors can be a challenge even with a lot of experience. Dependencies may not be noticed which is why WordPress has a discussion system. We believe that integrating phpBB into WordPress may be one solution for discussion but it has been hammers badly with spammers.