godfatherThe EU’s Legal Affairs Committee voted in favour of the legislation—but it needs parliamentary approval to become law.

These numskulls do not realize that open source powers almost all websites. WordPress along represents over 60% of websites.

Another numskull move is the link tax for search engines to send traffic to  media companies All that will do is blacklist the whole sector  before eventually trashing the whole internet, This site is a media company too.

Generally they want to turn the open snature of the internet into one of general surveillance and control. Big brother tactics smack of Hitler and Stalin.

The legislation still requires parliamentary approval to become law. Exact dates for further negotiations, parliamentary agreements and a final vote are yet to be determined.   Still this is a slap in the face to Linux.

We have to question who is sponsoring this kind of legislation. We suspect the link tax is very detrimental to search engines. WordPress uses a staggering number of internal links as part of its overall structure. Links are essential to finding content on any web site.