Over 1 million sites use WordPress. We have become expert WordPress both with Linux hosted or with Windows Server. One posted online the entire site is managed with a browser.

This few plugins are very helpful and are the best choice for websites.


Google and Bing both want sitemap.xml files so that it makes it easier for their crawlers. Simple WP Sitemap generates a new sitemap on demand from the database. By default this also makes an HTML sitemap which can be disabled and there are some tiggles for categories and tags.


Ad blockers are the worst nightmare that website operators have ever faced. Adblock Notify Lite can use a modal warning or it can redirect to a dedicated page. Ad blocking has become a real bane for content providers.


Advanced Database Cleaner has the ability to clean up a database so that it does not get excessively cluttered. WordPress makes several copies of articles in case of a connection fault. This tool also has a scheduler so it can run automatically: set it and forget it.


Many times a pages are moved or the permalinks are changed etc. So 404 to 301 seems to be the best solution. We redirect all bad links to the homepage.


LH Add Headers is a helpful tool for search engines. eTags are used to determine if a given page is changed. MD5 and HSA are widely used. Google and Bing can use eTags in their database which speeds up the crawling bots considerably.