Screenshot (221)The Intel Atom C2000 processor is widely used in embedded applications. Cisco has issued a warning that versions of its routing, optical networking, security and switch products prior to November 16, 2016 are unreliable – and may fail in the next year and a half, rendering affected hardware permanently inoperable.

Apparently there is an issue with the LPC clock logic and when it fails the CPU will not boot resulting in device failure. Reset will not correct the fault and the hardware is in complete failure.

Cisco is not calling the replacement a recall but Intel is taking charge for the cost of the failure. Cisco is a large vendor of network infrastructure and datacenters will have to replace routers galore. Generally network gear is intended to be in use for very long periods of time.

We are aware that many network hardware vendors all use the Atom C2000 processors so there may be a lot of replacement hardware installed over the next 3-6 months. The Atom processor is also seen in some NAS products etc.

Known users include Aaeon, Dell, HP, Infortrend, Lanner, NEC, Newisys, Netgate, Netgear, Quanta, Supermicro, Synology, and ZNYX Networks – but also ASRock Rack (C2550D4I and C2750D4I), iXsystems (FreeNAS Mini), Seagate (NAS Pro), and Sophos (UTM firewall SG 125).

Synology has not seen any abnormal error rates compared to products equipped with different Intel processors.

Intel said they have board level workarounds for existing processors. Intel went on to say they will design and validate a new stepping to fix the problem permanently.


We have experienced many problems with many websites. Chrome will attempt to automatically reload websites.

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET is often displayed by Chrome. This error can occur with DNS server problems.

Open an elevated command prompt and run: netsh winsock reset


  • C2308
  • C2338
  • C2350
  • C2358
  • C2508
  • C2518
  • C2530
  • C2538
  • C2550
  • C2558
  • C2718
  • C2730
  • C2738
  • C2750
  • C2758.