Linux Kernel 4.12 has been released. It may take some time for various distributions to get it ready for installation.

  • Support for AMD Vega
  • Support for NVIDIA Pascal
  • Two new I/O schedulers
  • Intel Atomic Mode is now enabled by default

Two new I/O schedulers have also found a place in Linux kernel. These schedulers are Facebook’s Kyber I/O scheduler and BFQ (Budget Fair Queueing). The other disk/file related features are XFS support for GETFSMAP and RAID 5/6 fixes.

POWER9 is now able to support 512TB of virtual address space.

Intel meanwhile is still working on 5-level paging support to allow up to 128PB of virtual address space and up to 4 PB of physical address space.

So many other improvements it’s too big to post them all.