Not many users on the site use MSFT Edge. This is due mostly to it being shipped with Windows 10. Edge is a new browser designed to replace Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is still included with Windows 10 for legacy purposes.

We have tested the site with Edge and it did not take long at all to find problems with page not found and other errors. That is due to the Azure and ClearDB problems which make testing harder than it need be. ClearDB has a lot of complaints lodged against them and it clear that no matter which browser is used, it’s an uphill battle.

Far fewer users of Edge use an adblocker but in time that is likely to change. Microsoft does not care about ad supported web apps.

So far testing with Edge has shown that WordPress works fine. WordPress is XHTML which was intermediary between HTML4 and HTML5 standards.

The browser includes an integrated Adobe Flash Player, a PDF reader and supports asm.js.

Edge is also integrated with Cortana which is part of the new capabilities in Windows 10.