Linux server is fairly arcane which is why we established this site. The server variant is a command line based platform. We use Azure so we use Putty to connect to our servers. Among the skills developed with LInux server is the BASH shell language. Generally its a text file with assorted commands. It’s possible …

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If you are using a self hosted WordPress setup it easy to install a new site with Linux. wget then you can unpack it and open the site for configuration with a browser. tar -xvf latest.tar.gz generally a database will need to be created for the wordpress setup so its not a bad idea …

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Hard disk drives in the 3½: format are still sticking with the standard form factor. The changes in the industry are with 2½” drives like the ones in laptop machines. Historically 2½”: drives were 9.5 mm thick. It was standardized many years ago. SSD drives have been made in thinner 7 mm thick form factors. …

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Unfortunately Ubuntu liNUX does not offer web based administration directly, instead users have to manually add the Debian repository. This is inconvenient and its a fair amount of work involved to add this to the system. Now you need to install webmin from APT repository sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list then add to the bottom deb sarge …

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For some reason or another WordPress may show an error connecting to the database. The fastest way fix the problem is to simply delete the wp-config.php. Then load the site and it will first ask for your language like a fresh install, select your language. Now with the database credentials fill in the required values …

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Originally Unix was owned by AT&T and BSD was based on the source code from this time. When AT&T spun off Bell Labs it was freed from being required to license Unix for free. In 1984 Bell Labs wanted license feeds for Unix. This did not go over well and open source quickly moved to …

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OPENSSL 1.1.0.b

Another vulnerability has been discovered and patched for OpenSSL For LAMP users there is also a new version of MySQL available, it updated our server without problem sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade reboot your server to be sure the stack is clean sudo reboot  


One of the challenges in the digital era is coping with the EB of data that are flooding servers almost daily. NASA had one of the biggest headaches. NASA historically used magnetic tape in vast amounts. Sadly many of the racks of tapes were damaged and could not be read. One report we saw spoke …

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WordPress has a backup capability. This makes it possible to save the database to an XML file in case the database server fails. The export and import are located in the Tools. The backup will be automatically downloaded as a dated file so its possible to have multiple backups without worry. The file is not …

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION Sometimes a LAMP box runs out of room so it may be necessary to mount a new disk over /home First its a good idea to backup the users files in case of problems tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz /home