Rodime RO0352

The Rodime RO352 is he first hard disk available in the 3½” format. This disk cost $1,895 when new in 1983.

  • 11MB
  • ST506 interface
  • 306 cylinders
  • 4 heads
  • 17 sectors
  • 306 landing zone
  • type 02
  • 3600rpm

The Rodime RO0352  is a MFM hard disk in the 3½” format . There are two models in the series, RO351 and RO352. This manual also covers the RO251 and RO252 which consist of the RO350 with additional mounting brackets and separate facia which simulates a half high 5.25 inch form factor.

This disk does work with RLL 2,7 controllers where it can get 15MB of capacity. Testing the disk showed no problems with formatting and dealing with the known bad sectors. FDISK works fine as does FORMAT with MS-DOS 3.2.

Up to four drives may be connected to a host system and each drive is provided with a four-pole switch for selection. The control lines may be daisy-chained but the data lines MUST be radially (individually) connected to the host.