IBM 2401 tape drivesLinux server is fairly arcane which is why we established this site. The server variant is a command line based platform. We use Azure so we use Putty to connect to our servers.

Among the skills developed with LInux server is the BASH shell language. Generally its a text file with assorted commands. It’s possible to even attach a script to cron and run it recurrently.


Linux also supports C and C++ with optional packages. For some tasks it sometimes better to use C++ which can then be compiled and used as needed. Linux is built with C++ so the tools are mature and powerful. We have seen GNU F2C and COB2C which have been used to try to migrate from older mainframes to modern microprocessors. Often it is easier to start fresh.

Tapes and drives for the old IBM 360 were available until end of the century.


GNU Fortran is available for those with scientific needs. Intel has a commercial Fortran compiler as well. C and C++ are quite capable so conversion is not difficult. Fortran has many dialects which require some experience to figure out. Maintaining code is imperative.

program hello
print *,"Hello World!"
end program hello

Fortran goes back to the punch card period before the IBM 3270 terminals became available. Since then the language has evolved to be like other more recent programming languages with free form text.


sudo apt-get install open-cobol

cobc your_program_here.cbl

GNUCobol, formerly OpenCobol is available for legacy needs. Being open source it has been maintained widely to allow existing mainframe code to be migrated often unchanged. The Eclipse forum archive is available. Here is a manual for OpenCobol. Conversions to internet facing applications are the most common projects.

* simple hello world program
DISPLAY 'Hello world!'.


Linux and Windows alike are largely composed of C++ code. Operating systems can be composed of over 1 billion lines of code. Generally the systems are modularized.

We used C++ when primarily for component development. The idea is to use shell scripts and components together. C++ can also handle the shell script tasks.


This very site uses PHP and JavaScript which are intentionally designed to resemble C and C++ to minimize the learning curve. MySQL is the standard however there are several other databases. Connectors for PHP are basic.

This site is a self hosted WordPress installation. WordPress is a content management system and it has no real limits to the amount of articles it can handle. WordPress is a PHP application package.