ST2000DL003The new Seagate ST2000DL003 is high capacity 2TB disk.

Operating at 7200rpm, the ST2000DL003 manages to reach 105MB/s of bandwidth. Seagate was able to achieve 2TB by reducing the speed of the disk and leveraging the extreme number of sectors on each track to compensate. The ST2000DL003 is perfect for media libraries.

  • Ideal for everyday desktop and computing storage
  • 2TB capacity stores 360 HD video, or 600,000 photos, or 750,000 songs
  • 64MB DDR2-800 RAM
  • 5900rpm
  • SATA III 600 MB/s
  • 2 year warranty

The Seagate ST2000DL003 has a reputation for being durable with consumer machines. The disk is basic and it delivers excellent performance for general purpose uses.

The ST2000DL003 features the new 4K sector allocation. The move to 4K was needed as the number of sectors per track was becoming too unwieldy. The change also affords the industry the opportunity to use more sophisticated error recovery to improve the service life. Hard disks can now use way more bits of recovery with the larger sectors. The change even affords a slight capacity increase. XP was is not 4K aware but the disk is transparent, the realignment is done within the disk firmware. Windows 7 and above are deigned for 4K and they can use the new sector size directly. NTFS can use 512 byte allocation, but with 4K disks there is no point using anything smaller than 8K given the huge capacity of modern disks.

We have managed to keep this disk in service for over 45,000 power on hours. This disk seems to be durable in the extreme. Most disks have trouble reaching these levels but the ST2000Dl003 has been a stalwart. Our disk hosts backups and a few archives. Over the years the disk has been used for many purposed including a system disk.

The Seagate ST2000DL003 is not the fastest disk around which is why its best as a media disk. There is plenty of bandwidth for MP3, ALAC and H2.64 type content.

Seagate disk capacity graph