In Linux there is a command called


Which will set the date and time to the current values for the file(s) selected

Copy this command to a text file and save it as touch.cmd

sweep copy /b  *.* +,,

Sweep is not included with windows but there is a win32 version of it available.

Simply unzip sweep to windows/system32 and then this handy tool will be available for all command scripts. Sweep came from the old CP/M era for floppy disks so that directories could be handled for any purpose

Sweep will recursively do any command down a directory tree, in this example the touch command is augmented with the recursive capability which can be handy when you want to force a sync etc from a web folder etc.

Considering how small sweep is, its amazing why windows does not include it, at the same time touch is another useful command.


We developed this tool to deal with sync problems with Azure and OneDrive. By forcibly changing file times it can force a new sync to deal with potentially corrupted files etc.