Ubuntu 16.04 is more generic than it used to be, In years gone by it was popular to use a meta installer to setup packages or roles.

Azure’s Ubuntu 16.04 is a clean basic setup. So to install the LAMP package (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) you can install the old menu packages

sudo apt-get install tasksel

will install the meta installer, then when you run

sudo tasksel

You get the old school menu where you can then install LAMP. or you can also install it with

sudo apt-get install lamp-server

another distribution is offering the LAMP package so this post shows how to use Ubuntu 16.04 as LAMP

LAMP is the core for any web host which is an standard job for a virtual machine that has to earn it’s keep.


The Azure A0 virtual machine is their lowest cost host. It’s easy to add more storage to the virtual machine at very low cost. LAMP is not a demanding workload so there is a lot of potential before there is any need to move up in services.

Azure A0 is 1 CPU core with 768MB of memory and we operate this with no formance problems at all. The CPU load is low even with numerous MySQL queries. Linux generally uses the memory for caching which helps with responsiveness.