Given the problems we have experienced with the Ubuntu forum is why this site exists. Over time more and more general self-help articles will be posted.

The original post has been removed and inquiries have failed.  Security is a serious problem which needs more attention. We are aware that in 2016, a full 20% of email messages contained a malware payload, mostly ransomware.

Clearly the security problems are outside the competency of the Ubuntu user group. We eventually discovered a fix for the problem after several week researching the problem.

The cause of the problem originally was Microsoft who overwhelmed websites who were using embedded objects from OneDrive. The way that Microsoft did this was to overwhelm the site for every user rendering them useless.

We have subsequently experienced many new problems with Microsoft such as having to create a new database for the web sites after the original one became bricked. Dump your database and FTP it to another location, in case the unthinkable happens

Today our account in the Ubuntu forum is now perpetually trashed. Somebody did not realize the problem and became consumed with emotion instead of sticking to concrete facts. This site will now over time, accumulate more articles without prejudice. The site is ad supported.

The idea of a free press and free speech are intended to prevent censorship and worse. Unfortunately some forget the rights apply to everyone..

Screenshot (222)

The forum council seem to be very arrogant and do not like to be criticised etc. When we sought help, we never did get any. Instead we spent several week digging around trying to get around a security problem with an apparent black hole type hijacking of some of our sites.

We do not understand the motivation that Microsoft had to imposed the amount of harm to web sites that used embedded content from OneDrive.. Could they not have simply emailed ui?

The black hole attack was definitely very heavy handed and it also damaged our databases rendering the sites affected as dead,