30809-1The VIA VT6421A controller delivers the benefits of Serial ATA and RAID in a cost effective and easily integrated single chip package, providing Serial ATA technology to enable platform providers and systems builders to satisfy the requirements of multiple market segments.

This is a data card only, it does not have boot ROM capability.

  • 2 Sata Port + 1 IDE Port, PCI Interface. Not bootable.
  • SATA port trans speed can up to 1.5G (150Mbps). Supports Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Complies with Serial ATA specification Revision 1.0, not for SATA Version 2.
  • Ultra ATA-133 IDE interface Extension to Ultra DMA-133 interface for up to 133MB/s transfer rate.

This card is a basic PCI card that can be used to add a secondary data disk controller. Some versions of this card have an external SATA port which is shared with the top port.

The card reviewed has several jumpers to change the SATA port 2 from internal to external.

The card operates at SATA 150MB/s speeds which is enough for basic use. The VIA VT6421A is an older chip which has been seen on motherboards as well as on PCI cards. No issues with higher capacity disks as Windows recognizes the card as basic data storage.

The EIDE port is handy for recovering files from the hard disks recovered from older machines. For example the ST-157A is an early IDE disk and it is recognized..

This card is not intended for using SSD storage. SSD drives are recognized but the bandwidth limits their data transfer rates.

Drivers are on Windows update and the card comes with a drier CD for older operating systems. It’s also recognized by Linux. Windows recognizes the card as SAS however the ports are SATA. Disks all work fine.

This card works with PCI 2.2 at 33MHz which means it can reach 133MB/s which is consistent with the EIDE top speeds.Early SATA disks and EIDE disks are not fast enough to saturate the PCI bus.