Lots of smaller web sites have been moved around a lot on the internet. The Internet Archive project has its hands full with broken links and missing content delivery servers etc. It’s not a bad idea to save all images to a backup DVD disk so that if the CDN images disappear (it has happened several times to us alone).

Some of the free image hosts want user accounts etc. Free Image Hosting is free and no account is needed. Postimage tends to resize larger photographs while Free Image Hosting is static.


Our old domain now is history and all old links are page not found. DNS is not found. Google will eventually remove such entries from their databases but it takes some time. Google is aware that sometimes domain feeds are late etc. In our case, it’s a new domain. Google can figure it out.

Installing WordPress seemed like a long term project as the vast number of old web pages had to all be cleaned up in addition to being moved to the database. Eventually we used a broken link checker which was able to automatically removed all broken links.

We discovered that WordPress changed dates on PermaLinks so we changed the URL scheme to the current style which is an index number which is agnostic. This style means that dates of archived articles are preserved. WordPress also can hold posts for publishing at a later date, which is handy when there is a publishing embargo that needs to be respected. Unfortunately we discovered this while Google had began indexing the site, so the change meant a lot of broken links to clean up.


Once the new domain was established, it took Google more than 3 weeks to finally load the site into the index. Unfortunately the broken links are still present and it will take some additional weeks for the effect of a cleanup to propagate. Turnaround for broken links can take 3-4 weeks more. At this time of year traffic is lower generally due to better weather so it’s not critical. The Google Index will have our site cleaned up long before the back to school season moved into the fall gaming season.


Microsoft has long worked on Bing but Google continues to be the most popular search engine. They seems to have a similar turnaround time compared to Google.


Web hosts with Azure can have large amounts of storage attached at low cost. This can be lower cost than content delivery network solutions. Azure storage is aimed at database users and web hosts using Linux or Windows Server.